High Speed Multilayer PCB Design Services

At akiwatePCB Design house, we provide multilayer printed circuit design, which will meet electrical, mechanical, fabrication, assembly and testing parameters. Our expertise in signal integrity, EMI/EMC, Cross talk and high speed will ensure that final product will meet and surpass all the signal quality specifications. Our designers work closely with R&D team to ensure that designed board is "First Time Right".
  CAD Tools:
1. PADS PowerPCB from Mentor Graphics.
2. Hyperlynx from Mentor Graphics.
3. CAM350 from Downstream Technologies

Our Design Achievements Cover:
1. Intel P4 motherboard with 845 chipset.
2. Backplane for Telecom application (12 layers).
3. RF board for RADAR application (24 layers).
4. Board for Aerospace control System (16 layers).
5. Board with BGA ( 840 pins).

Our Design Team can manage:
1. High Speed Multilayer Board
2. Signal Integrity
3. EMI/EMC analysis
4. Digital, Analog & Mixed Technology
5. Differential pairs & Cross Talk control
7. Fine pitch & high pin count ball grid array (BGA)
8. Impedance & Delay matching
9. Blind & Buried VIA
10. Clock nets
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